Plastic Surgery Initiative

A mission to spread smile …

Plastic Surgery Campaign initiated by Kaka-ba Hospital has been emerged as a heavenly blessing for poor patients having various physical deformities like cleft lip, cleft palate, post burns contracture, organ disability etc. The surgeries are done totally free of cost irrespective of socio-economic status of the patient. Refer some of the cases below

  • Dharamshibhai Patel was born with torn lip and he was facing mockery form the people around. On account of his deformity, he could not get married even at the age of 35.
  • Nitesh Malaviya was only 8 year old had enlarged tumor on his nose. He was teased by classmates everyday so attending school was like undergo punishment for him.
  • Hemantbahi aged 23 years got burned his face in an accident at workplace. Due to this accident his face became so horrible that he used to avoid meeting people and use to cover his face all the time.
  • Kajalben aged 18 years had only one ear since birth. Because of this congenital deformity she was suffering from inferiority complex.

The names referred above had one thing in common. They all belong to lower or poor class of families. They all were suffering from one or the other physical deformities – whether congenital or acquired due to accidental injuries. They were living humiliated life with those deformities because they had no financial resources to cure or mend them. They had accepted that they will live forever with such humiliated social status!

But the situation changed in June 2008. They came to know about plastic surgery campaign initiated by Kaka-Ba hospital in collaboration with Shree Jivan Akshay Trust, Vadodara. They approached Kaka-Ba Hospital and got their deformities repaired through Plastic surgeries. Today they have been cured and living their lives joyfully in their new Avatar.

Initially patients were hesitant to contact and respond to hospital’s appeal for registration for plastic surgery to mend their physical defects. To check this, kaka-Ba hospital team personally visited such persons and convinced them and their family members to register for plastic surgery.

With continuous efforts under the leadership of Dr. Bharat Champaneria, the campaign started getting momentum. After a slow beginning, People went on pouring in the hospital once they show the miraculous changes in their relatives and villagers resulted through plastic surgery. The campaign which had started for the people of Hansot and surrounding villages found its way across Gujarat and the neighboring states. Today, patients from Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal come to Kaka-Ba hospital for plastic Surgery.

Since June 2008, more than 6000 patients with deformities including cleft lip, cleft palate, post burns contracture, organ disability correction and reconstruction, ear implant have been carried out till July- 2012. Those who have been benefited feel that they have got new life. It’s one of the most precious gifts they have got from Kaka-Ba Hospital. Now, they are full of confidence with smiles on their faces! And it is quite natural too! It was almost impossible for them to go to a cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon and get rid of their deformities as the expenses involved in such surgeries amounts in thousands and lakhs! Till date surgeries worth rupees crores have been carried out and the amount is growing every day. More and more people deprived of dignified lives are getting benefited! More and more people are getting smile back on their faces!

There are millions of children with unrepaired clefts who have little to no prospect of ever being helped. Their parents are so poor that they could never afford surgery. These kids and many more who have post burn contracture, congenital anomalies, vascular malformation, and facial deformities are being corrected free of cost at Kaka-Ba Hospital just to bring hope and a smile on these socially ostracized faces. Kaka-Ba Hospital has carried out highest number of ear implant surgeries across India in last two years. Patients not only from across Gujarat but from neighboring states like MP, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra too have been benefited from the campaign. This is a commendable achievement of the hospital.” I’m proud to be associated with one of the most productive charities in the world.“

If you know any such person who has physical deformity and help to get him or her rid out of it, the doors of Kaka-Ba Hospital is are always open…

You may Contact:-

Kaka-Ba Hospital (land Line) : 0246-262003
Dr. Bharat Champaneria : 09909031760
Hasmukhbhai Patel : 09879755639
Alpesh Modi : 09427328622
Dilip Chauhan : 09909971753

View of Dr. Arvind Patel- Chief Operating Plastic Surgeon associated with Kaka-Ba Hospital