Recreational facilities


The hospital campus houses two beautiful temples - Shiva and Saibaba with open space in surrounding. These places of devotion and spirituality are the main attraction for the villagers too.




Just after the entrance, there is a widespread garden directly connected to the hospital. A view from the window to the blooming and happy scenes invigorates the patient, also encourages them to take a walk. The fresh air walking path covered with plantings, beautiful lawns and colorful flower beds offers benches and chairs too to enjoy nature and promote a healthy life. It helps to forget weakness and worries, and encourage a positive outlook. Many singing birds also attracted by the shade, peace, and freedom to rejoice many weak hearts by their chorus.



Children Park

Adjoining to the garden, there is a children’s park where toddlers can enjoy various rides and games. Not only the patients’ children, but also the village children enjoy playing in the park.