Dr. Bharat B Champaneria

(MBBS)- Superintendent and Chief Coordinator

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Name Dr. Bharat B Champaneria
Qualifications/ Institutions MBBS
Institution/s associated with Kaka-Ba Hospital
Association with Kaka-Ba Hospital Since Inception -1985
Contact details Dr. Bharat Champaneria
Kaka-Ba Hospital, Hansot, Dist- Bharuch
Cell: 99090 31760
Hospital: 02646 262003

Dr. Bharat Champaneria is associated with Kaka-Ba Hospital right from the inception till now. He is a pivotal person for all the activities that the trust undertakes. Under whose leadership & able guidance & involvement Trust is able to render the social services for the people.

Dr. Bharat Champaneria is associated with Kaka-ba Hospital right from the inception of it. As a Chief Coordinator and Superintendent, he is always busy in each and every activity from Consultation to overall administration of the hospital. Hansot being a rural base, there is always a scarcity of doctors in Kaka-Ba Hospital and in this scenario he has been running the hospital very efficiently. His commitment to the medical profession and affection to the hospital and patients is commendable.

He was a Green Card holder and had a bright opportunity to settle abroad, earn handsome money and live a lavish life. But when the time came to choose between Luxurious life and service to humanity, he preferred to stick to his land. A man following the principle “Simple Living and High Thinking”, Dr. Champaneria strongly believes that the ‘real India’ lives in ‘Rural India’ and their development should be given an utmost priority. With this conviction, he not only takes interest in health related issues in rural areas, but also guides the communities for their socio-economic upliftment.

Today all 52 villages of Hansot have RO plants to cater the need of pure and safe drinking water. This was the initiative of Dr. Bharat Champaneria and Kaka-ba Hospital, when the first RO plant was installed in Utaraj Village. Inspired by this initiative, other villages also installed RO plants in their villages, which led them to the freedom from many water born diseases.

Similarly, there are more than 70 aqua culture ponds in Hansot Taluka, where the activity of prone farming is carried out. This was also initiated by Kaka-ba Hospital under the able guidance of Dr. Bharat Champaneria. This initiative has led to the prosperity of rural community.

In addition to this, each and every activity initiated by Kaka-Ba trust and Hospital, Dr. Champaneria has always been in the forefront, may it be the organisation of Medical Camps in various villages, implementation of various Government schemes or taking the a call at the time of calamities like plague and flood in Surat.