The Background

Kaka-Ba Hospital, run by Kaka-Ba and Kala-Budh Public Charitable Trust is an initiative by renowned industrialist-cum philanthropist and one of the pioneers of Indian Pharmaceutical industry, Shri Indravadan Modi. It is a tribute to his cousin who died at young age of 18 in 1943 due to non availability of medical facility for the treatment.

Before starting the hospital in 1985, an extensive social survey was carried out in all 52 villages of Hansot Taluka, findings of which were an eye opener. Through our research we got a first-hand view of the miserable and downtrodden living conditions of the people.

  • Nearly 80% of the population in the area constituted of poor, tribal people who couldn’t afford quality medical treatment
  • • Majority of the population suffered from malnutrition and lacked basic hygiene awareness, making them highly prone to diseases
  • Seasonal and waterborne diseases were rampant
  • Farm laborers, who migrated from the neighboring states, were living in unhygienic environments (fields or roadside) and were prey to many fatal diseases
  • Lack of emergency medical services. Patients in the rural areas had no access to medical centers except for the Primary Health Care center.
  • Poor transportation facilities
  • People were forced to undertake extreme steps such as sell off their precious land and belongings to pay their medical expenses
  • Several incidents of suicide attempts, due to grinding social problems, were reported

Today, the scenario has changed. Over the span of three decades, Kaka-Ba Hospital has saved thousands of valuable lives. The hospital is an epicenter of medical well-being and other welfare activities for the deprived sections of the community.