The Background

Kaka-Ba Hospital, run by Kaka-Ba and Kala-Budh Public Charitable Trust is an initiative by renowned industrialist-cum philanthropist and one of the pioneers of Indian Pharmaceutical industry, Shri Indravadan Modi. It is a tribute to his cousin who died at young age of 18 in 1943 due to non availability of medical facility for the treatment.

Before starting the hospital in 1985, an extensive social survey was carried out in all 52 villages of Hansot Taluka, findings of which were an eye opener. Patients had no access to the medical centre in rural areas for the treatment except a Primary Health Centre. The report also revealed that the people had to even sell off their precious land and belongings to bear their medical expenses.

In such a gloomy picture, Kaka-Ba Hospital arrived as a savior for the people of Hansot and its surrounding villages.

The Socio-Eco-Enviro background of the area is such that it warrants emergency medical intervention in the hour of need to save the life.

The 80% population of the area belongs to poor tribal communality and to spend on medical treatment is their last priority, the first being food other such primary needs. Because of malnutrition, their immunity is very weak and hence are prone to health hazards. The incidents of consuming poison/pesticide on various social issues are very common. Surrounding green fields and vegetation are habitat of many poisonous creatures and hence incidents of snake bite are in spate. Moreover, seasonal and waterborne diseases such as Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholera, Malaria etc. make their life more miserable. Migrated farm laborers from neighboring state like Maharashtra for working in sugarcane farms stay in a very unhygienic condition either near the fields or roadside and fall a prey to many fatal diseases.

In all the above situations, If the medical treatment is not provided on emergency basis, the life of the patient is at high risk. Till 1985 when the public transport facility was very poor and major cities like Bharuch and Surat were not easily accessible, people would lose their lives for the want of immediate medical intervention, as had happened in the case of Budh, the beloved cousin of the pioneer of Kaka-ba Hospital Shri I.A. Modi.

Today, the scenario has changed. During the span of two and a half decade, kaka-Ba Hospital has impacted a lot to the people and has saved thousands of valuable lives. It has landed as a Noah’s ark and rescued them from casualties.