Founder Trustee's Message

Dear Friends,

Kaka-Ba to me is not mere a hospital or a health centre serving needy people, but it a mind, body and soul to me! I still remember the day when my cousin Budh, had passed away in front of us for the want of proper medical treatment. That dreaded incident of my life, which occurred in 1943, startles me every time whenever I recall it. From very that day I had wished to establish a medical facility for the people of Hansot and surrounding villages so that other such tragic incidents can be avoided. Though there were not enough resources with us in those days, there was a wish from within to do something for the health facility.

The wish nourished and visualized for years to together came into reality after almost four decades. God had blessed us with good business and company was doing well. I realized that point of time that now it is high time to pay best homage to beloved Budh.

I won’t to go in much detail of history part as it is mentioned elsewhere on this site, but want to say something about our commitment to impart quality treatment through this facility.

It was very clear commitment from the conception of the hospital that no patient, irrespective of its caste, creed, religion or economic status will go untreated from the doorstep of Kaka-Ba Hospital. Today I’m happy that this motto is prevalent in each and every act of the hospital. Right from 1985 till date hospital has treated lakhs of patient and saved their precious lives. From Fever to Fibroid and from simple surgery to meticulous Plastic surgery, Kaka-Ba Hospital has served the patients from all strata of the society.

Kaka-Ba is a charitable organization, but here Charity does not mean ‘compromise with quality’. The facility in the hospital is at par with any multi specialty hospital in any major city in the country. I’m pleased, rather proud to state that in the history of Kaka-Ba hospital, not even a single case of surgical infection has been reported. This is the extreme demonstration of medical professionalism by Kaka-Ba Hospital and its Dedicated Team

I, through this message once again wish to convey and give assurance that Kaka-Ba Hospital has been and will continue serve the needy patients without any discrimination. I have a request to all of you in this regard. If you come to know about the patient who is suffering from any illness and not able to avail treatment on account of financial crisis, please take pain to bring him to the doorstep of Kaka-Ba Hospital, rest will be taken care by our kind doctors and supportive staff! We will offer best medical treatment without charging any single paisa from the patient. This is our promise and commitment to the humanity!